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Northeast Wisconsin's local news coverage.

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    ASHWAUBENON, WI (WTAQ) - Food at Lambeau Field just got even tastier.

    With a sizzle of the griddle, the new Brat-In-A-Blanket was born.

    "It is pretty self-explanatory, it is grilled cheese curds, Johnsonville Brat, and beer mustard on a pretzel bun. It is kind of a Wisconsin sandwich if you will."

    Lambeau Field Executive Chef Heath Barbato says it is the best of Wisconsin with a brat wrapped in grilled cheese curds.

    "You have the great Johnsonsville Brat and the beer mustard kind of cuts through it all."

    One of the other popular items was a new and improved tater tot.

    "It is stuffed with Patrick Cudahy Smoked Bacon and Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese."

    Chef Barbato also unveiled the brat trio which is a Jalapeno-Cheddar brat with bacon jam, Old World sausage with da-works sauce and an Italian Sausage with peppers and onions. Other new items include Black Forest Ham Sandwich and the Maple Bacon Hotdogs on a stick.

    "We take a few months in the offseason, we really try to get it firmed up by June or July," Lambeau Field Executive Chef Heath Barbato said. "We have visits with our sponsors and we kind of go back and forth and we really just have fun with it."

    All together over 10 items will be new to the menu, some will be sold throughout the stadium, others will be at exclusive locations. 


    New Concession items throughout Lambeau Field:

    • ·         Brat-in-a-Blanket: Brat wrapped in melted cheese curds, topped with beer mustard in a pretzel bun
    • ·         Brat Trio: Jalapeno-Cheddar brat split with bacon jam, Old World sausage with da-works sauce, Italian Sausage with peppers and onions
    • ·         Brat & Cheese Dip with Pretzel Sticks
    • ·         Tortilla Chips & Guacamole
    • ·         Loaded Potato Tater-Barrels: Oversized tater tots made with bacon, chives and cheese, topped with sour cream
    • ·         Steak Sandwich: Prime Rib, topped with crispy onions, Béarnaise sauce on a Kaiser Roll, served with Fresh Salt & Vinegar Chips
    • ·         Black Forest Ham Sandwich: Shaved Black Forest ham, Black Forest bacon, sautéed onions, mustard cheese sauce on a pretzel roll
    • ·         Maple Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog: Hot dog wrapped in maple glazed bacon
    • ·         Pizza Box Nachos: Loaded nachos in a pizza box sized box
    • ·         Churros

    New to Lambeau Field:

    • ·         MashGin – Grab-and-Go location (Section 326): Self check-out, scans item on its own

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    HARRISON, WI (WTAQ-WLUK) - The survival story of a near victim of Tuesday's storms is nothing short of amazing, according to Harrison Fire Rescue Chief Amos Mikkelson.

    "At 11 years old, it's amazing he had the sense of mind to do that."

    It's an incredible story of survival.

    Of all the sudden severe weather Tuesday, perhaps no one felt more frightened than a young boy in Calumet County near High Cliff State Park.

    Rushing flood waters washed an 11-year-old boy into a drainage ditch around 6 p.m., emergency crews racing to save the child's life.

    Authorities say the boy went under in a drainage ditch and never resurfaced.

    The 11-year-old and a group of other boys had been playing in the water when the boy went under.

    One of the boys ran home to tell his parents, who called for help immediately.

    Lt. Mark Wiegert, of the Calumet County Sheriff's Office, tells FOX 11...

    "At that time, the Sheriff's Office responded with several officers. There was approximately three feet of water over the roadway, at that time, so they began searching the roadway area."

    Harrison first responders, fire and rescue and all members of the dive team were also dispatched.

    Mikkelson tells FOX 11 they found the boy after nearly 40 minutes, his finger poking through the manhole cover about 30 feet from where he disappeared underwater.

    "It really is probably more of a miracle. Chances are, he probably popped up in that spot because that was the first spot where there was an air pocket, and so his body probably trying to float got there and he realized there's a handle and started just pulling himself up because that was where there was air."

    Officials say this close-call should be a reminder to parents: what may seem like harmless fun can turn dangerous quickly.

    "They're not pools, they're not playgrounds. Don't let your kids play by them. It's really quite something that this young man came out of it unscathed," said deputy chief of the Harrison Fire Rescue EMS Squad Don Jungen.

    The boy was responsive and speaking to them when they found him.

    "We're one big team, and we worked really, really well together," Jungen said. "This is a good save...this is a good one."

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    GREEN BAY, WI (WTAQ-WLUK) -  A squad car was hit while responding to a stalled vehicle during Tuesday's storms.

    Captain John Laux says the driver of one vehicle blew the stop sign at Crooks and Jefferson Street.

    That caused the squad car to hit the stop sign and the business sign on that corner.

    It's still unknown if the officer or other driver were injured.

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    GREEN BAY, WI (WTAQ) - A Green Bay man is telling his story after he survived the Jacksonville mass shooting while being inside the building.

    Kyle Reiderer was participating in the Madden Tournament when 24-year-old David Katz opened fire in the building.

    Reiderer explains the scene immediately afterward.

    "Everybody was just getting down and trying to take cover," he says. "I had like four people laying on top of me."

    Looking back, he can't believe how close he was to Katz.

    "I mean I was playing a game in a corner like literally, it was ten feet from where the shooter was," describes Reiderer.

    Reiderer explains that he didn't know what was happening once the gunfire started.

    "I didn't know what it was at first, it just sounded like a something popped or a balloon popped," he says. "Then it just got really chaotic."

    One of the victims in the shooting was his teammate 27-year-old Taylor Robertson.

    "He was just a really good guy," explains Reiderer. "He had a newborn son, a wife, a great job."

    Reiderer says the outpouring of support from the Green Bay community is helping him cope with the loss of his friend and the traumatic experience.

    He also plans to continue playing Madden video games going forward.

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    GREEN BAY, WI (WTAQ) - Congressman Mike Gallagher says schools need to do a better job in singing the praises of going to school to help fill openings in factory jobs.

    "It is a cultural shift of telling the next generation that if you want to work with your hands, there are plenty of good jobs available for you."

    As the Congressman toured Fox Valley Metal-Tech this week, he said he was frustrated to hear that the company is having a hard time finding skilled workers.

    Kevin Gosselin, Director of Sales and Business Development says it comes down to education and experience because they need skilled workers for manufacturing equipment for the US Navy.

    "Welding to very tight specifications. If we are welding for products on an aircraft carrier or submarine, we have to know that we have the right the people who are qualified to meet the welding specifications of that specific job."

    Gosselin says they need highly skilled welders.

    "Not the guy that is pressing the button on a robotic welding machine and calling himself a welder."

    Gallagher says there are many benefits to doing just two years of school for a specific skill.

    "You will make a great living without saddling yourself with a mountain of debt and do it making cool things that go on our aircraft carriers."

    Fox Valley Metal-Tech has job openings and currently employees 140 people.


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    (WTAQ) - The three-day Labor Day weekend typically draws increased traffic to roadways as families everywhere pack up for one last summer road trip.

    But severe weather locally might create difficult driving conditions for motorists.

    Nick Jarmusz from Triple-A explains it's important for individuals to do their homework prior to leaving.

    "If you're traveling locally you want to check ahead to see if there's any road closures or details," he says. 

    And it's always worthwhile to take the "long way" if that avoids bad weather conditions.

    "If you do come across a roadway that's submerged or standing water, it's better to just go around," Jarmusz explains.

    And even without the weather, Labor Day weekend always is notorious for packing the roads. 


    "This is typically a road trip weekend, so a vast majority of individuals are going to be traveling by car," he says.


    In the end, there's no way to avoid back-ups this weekend.


    "Whether you're going through the airport or getting on the interstate, expect it to be a little more crowded and leave yourself plenty of extra time for your trip," says Jarmusz.

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    PESHTIGO, WI (WTAQ-WLUK) - Forced to decide within seconds, teachers now have to worry about how they’ll protect their students from an active shooter.

    “This training kind of gets you emotional,” said Laura Finger a fourth-grade teacher.

    Teachers and staff at Peshtigo School District received ALICE training on Tuesday.

    “Originally, we were trained to just go in the corner and hide. But now that I do have all the knowledge I learned today, I feel better prepared on what to do with my students,” said Finger.

    ALICE is an acronym Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate

    Peshtigo and Marinette police officers walked school staff through active shooter scenarios.

    Peshtigo Police Lieutenant Jared Phillips tells FOX 11...

    “There are different types of decisions that teachers can make, staff members can make prior to us arriving on the scene. Every situation presents something different”

    School superintendent Patrick Rau tells FOX 11 Peshtigo was one of the schools that received a safety grant from the department of justice.

    “So we’re doing some security upgrades at the middle school and high school.”

    Rau says the new security cameras have even more coverage. Alarms are also being added to side doors and emergency locks to classrooms.

    “The active shooter situations are a bigger threat than fires in schools and tornados in schools, yet we practice fire drills and tornado drills on a more regular basis,” said Rau.

    “That’s something we want to flip here in Peshtigo so that our students, our parents feel safe.”

    Laura Finger says after ALICE training, she feels more prepared as a teacher and as a mother.

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  • 08/29/18--07:39: Hundley Traded To Seattle
  • ASHWAUBENON, WI (WTAQ) - The Packer back-up quarterback competition has been decided before the final preseason game. 

    Reports indicate that quarterback Brett Hundley has been traded to the Seattle Seahawks for what is believed to be a 2019 6th round draft pick. 

    DeShone Kizer now will back up Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.


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    MANITOWOC, WI (WTAQ) - Flooding conditions across the state on Tuesday worked to create a sinkhole that narrowly swallowed a car in Manitowoc.

    A large sinkhole was discovered in the parking lot of the Maritime Museum by Manitowoc Police.

    A car was partially submerged in the hole and required a tow truck to pull it out.

    In addition to the sinkhole, police say they received ten reports of weather-related calls that ranged from trees down to wires down that caused power outages.


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    LAWRENCE, WI (WTAQ) - Police say a man got away with cash after holding up a gas station in the Town of Lawrence this morning.

    Police respond to a robbery at the Kwik Trip Gas Station at 2746 Freedom Road just before 2 a. m.

    Witnesses say a man, wearing a black ski-type mask and a black-hooded sweatshirt, displayed a gun and demanded employees give him money.

    The robber left the scene in a blue Volkswagen Jetta-type vehicle, driving south on State Highway 41.

    No one was injured in the robbery.

    If you have any information, call the Hobart/Lawrence Police Department at (920) 869-3800 or Brown County Dispatch Center at (920) 391-7470.

    Or you can remain anonymous and be eligible for a cash reward by calling Crime Stoppers at (920) 432-7867.

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    TOWN OF NEW DENMARK, WI (WTAQ) - Severe weather has forced a popular horse and hiking trail in Brown County to close.

    Neshota Park in southeastern Brown County will be closed until further notice due to flooding.

    For additional information, individuals are encouraged to contact the parks department at (920) 448-4466. 

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    (WTAQ) - As we head into Fall, motorists are expected to see relief at the gas pump.

    The average price for a gallon of gas is expected to fall to $2.70 or lower according to AAA forecasts.

    The high this year was an average of $2.97 in May.

    The state-wide average this year is $2.67 a gallon, which is nearly up 37 cents from last years average.

    Here are factors AAA told Fox 11 News that could cause gas prices to drop in the fall:

    "Part of the anticipated drop in fall pump prices is due to the switchover to winter-blend gasoline in mid-September. The difference between summer- and winter-blend gasolines involves the Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) of the fuel. RVP is a measure of how easily the fuel evaporates at a given temperature. The more volatile a gasoline (higher RVP), the easier it evaporates. Winter-blend fuel, which is cheaper to produce, has a higher RVP because the fuel must be able to evaporate at low temperatures for the engine to operate properly, especially when the engine is cold."

    Here are factors AAA told Fox 11 News could cause gas prices to rise:

    "Crude Market Volatility: Much of 2018 has brought volatility to the domestic and global crude markets, as market watchers try to glean insight into forces that will shape global supply this fall. These forces include: Venezuela is a major crude producer for the Western Hemisphere, but its collapsing economy could halt its crude production. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) announced an increase in production over the summer, but slower-than-expected production growth could contribute to higher crude prices during the second half of the year. Geopolitical uncertainty in the Middle East and around the globe could disrupt vital crude flows. Iran Sanctions: When President Trump announced that the U.S. would withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal in May, the decision sent the crude markets into upheaval. In August, the first round of re-imposed sanctions on the country, which target Iran’s financial sector, went into effect and led to a brief uptick in crude prices. The next round of sanctions, currently scheduled to take effect in November, will target Iran’s energy sector – including its crude exports – and will likely have a more sustained impact on crude prices. If and when those sanctions take effect, crude prices will likely surge over an expected reduction in Iranian crude exports and increased tension in the region that could destabilize global crude flows. Updated Hurricane Forecast: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center predicts a total of 9-13 named storms (winds of 39 mph or greater of which 4-7 will become hurricanes) including up to two major hurricanes (winds of 111 mph or greater). An average six-month hurricane season produces 12 named storms, of which six becomes hurricanes, including three major hurricanes. The mere threat of a hurricane in the U.S. would cause pump prices to spike, likely regionally, due to constrained supply and delivery challenges."

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    GREEN BAY, WI (WTAQ) - NFL Network's James Jones has reported that Green Bay Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have reached a deal. 

    The reported deal is a four-year contract extension and includes $33.5 million in new money, incentives each year and more than $100 million dollars in guaranteed money.

    Rodgers said he was going to let Jones, his former teammate, be the first to break the news.

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    FOND DU LAC COUNTY, WI (WTAQ) - It has been confirmed that a tornado went through Fond du Lac County on Tuesday.

    The National Weather Service in Milwaukee has identified the twister as an EF-1 tornado that did a majority of its damage thru the village of Brandon and Waupun last night.

    Reports confirmed multiple downed trees and roofs being torn off both barns and homes.

    Crews are continuing to survey to determine if other tornados touched down. 


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    GREEN BAY, WI (WTAQ) - The victim has been identified in a fatal crash that occurred early Tuesday morning on I-43 in Green Bay.

    The deceased has been identified as 29-year-old Green Bay resident John Phillips.

    Reconstruction is reaching out to the public and asking drivers that potentially saw Phillips between 5 and 5:46 AM on I-43 to contact the Green Bay Police Department. 

    Individuals also can reach out to Crime Stoppers in order to remain anonymous. 

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    GREEN BAY, WI (WTAQ) - Work is underway for a new paper mill in Wisconsin.

    It's been 30 years since a new paper mill was built in Wisconsin. Wednesday, Green Bay Packaging started the work to change that.

    President and CEO Will Kress says it is the largest business development ever in Brown County, and it will be worth the wait.

    "You finally get to the point when you are going to do a project like this and your wish you can open tomorrow. No such luck, but we will get it done."

    The more than 500 million dollar investment will result in a state of the art mill and a growing workforce in Green Bay.

    Executive Vice President Bryan Hollenbach says it makes history in another way.

    "It happens to be the single biggest project in the history of Brown County ever."


    Governor Scott Walker was in Green Bay for the Groundbreaking.

    The new facility is scheduled to be fully operational in the spring of 2021.

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    FOND DU LAC, WI (WTAQ) - A Fond du Lac man was sentenced to 11 years in prison after he bilked a Fond du Lac firm out of $14 million in a scrap metal scheme.

    The owner of Fox Valley Iron and Metal, Sterling Keinbaum, allegedly paid employees of Sadoff Iron & Metal to accept overloaded scrap vehicles filled with dirt, which in return inflated the check from Sadoff for the supposed metal content.

    Keinbaum was convicted of racketeering, which carried a sentence of eight years in prison for that count. Another three years were added by Judge Robert Wirtz during Tuesday's sentencing hearing.

    The two Sadoff employees that participated in the scheme were placed on probation and convicted. 

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    WAUPUN, WI (WTAQ) - Severe weather this week has forced a county park to close down for the near future.

    The Waupun County Park is closing through Labor Day Weekend after they were affected by storms on Monday and Tuesday.

    Fond du Lac County says the parks department will offer refunds to individuals that already had reservations and contact them.

    To call about existing reservations or questions call 920-929-3135.

    All other Fond du Lac County Parks are open. 

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    ASHWAUBENON, WI (WTAQ) - Clean-up is in full swing after severe weather ravaged the state earlier this week and for some car owners, they're facing expensive repairs thanks to Mother Nature.

    Dells Service Center in Ashwaubenon has been busy the past few days.

    They're seeing a steady stream of individuals bringing in their vehicles that face a wide range of problems resulting from flood conditions that occurred locally.

    Owner DJ Lebenske describes the current scene at his shop.

    "Calls are coming in from people driving through water and having issues, check engine lights, and car stalling," he explains.

    And a lot of these more serious issues aren't a cheap fix.

    "Depending on the vehicle it's five to ten thousand dollars," Lebenske says.

    Not everyone will be breaking the bank though.

    Jordyn Rasmussen with State Farm Insurance explains that some individuals will get thru their repairs just fine.

    "Comprehensive coverage typically does cover the flooding of the engine," she explains.

    And it's impossible to predict an emergency.

    "No one realizes the importance of insurance before, but after a catastrophe is when everyone is suddenly really aware of how important insurance is," she says.

    Rasmussen stresses the importance of sitting down with an insurance agent to ensure you're covered for whatever Mother Nature brings next.

    As the cleanup process continues throughout the state and individuals pay big bucks for vehicle repairs, it's a reminder to stay clear of any standing water and to simply find a different route.

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    GREEN BAY, WI (WTAQ) - The Green Bay Packers made history yesterday by handing Aaron Rodgers a contract extension that will make him the highest paid player in NFL history.

    The contract, which features $103 million in guaranteed money, will keep Rodgers in Green and Gold through 2023.

    Fans at the Wednesday Farmer's Market on Broadway Street seemed to be pleased.

    Fan Harry Kispert says the deal was a "no-brainer."

    "He absolutely deserves it as he is the best quarterback in the NFL currently," he says.

    And with that high praise comes heightened expectations. But just how good could they be this year?

    "Hopefully 16-0," says Packer fan Derek Blackmon.

    Kispert also shares the general optimism.

    "I expect them to be a lot better than last year," he says. "I expect the new players and young players to perform well."

    For Blackmon, the contract is worth it if the results justify the money.

    "Better win," he says.

    Rodgers contract surpassed the deal Matt Ryan signed with Atlanta on May 3rd that paid him $30 million per season.

    The Packers wrap-up the preseason tonight at the Kansas City Chiefs starting at 7:30 PM.


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