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Northeast Wisconsin's local news coverage.

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    ASHWAUBENON, WI (WTAQ-WLUK) - The family of 3-year-old Caylx Harnowski thanked first responders on Tuesday from Ashwaubenon Department of Public Safety for saving his life after what they describe as a very scary situation.

    Caylx nearly drowned at a pool party on July 1, his parents believe he was underwater for almost a minute before being pulled to safety.   Caylx's father, Josh, said he spent three days in intensive care following the incident.  But with the fast response of those who helped, his son was able to make a full recovery.

    "We were all standing around the pool, it could happen that quick. It just gives you a different outlook on life and what really matters," said Harnowski.

    Wade Wudtke from the Ashwaubenon Department of Public Safety was one of the first officers to arrive on scene after the incident. 

    "We had two paramedics on board and De Pere came over to assist us with their paramedics also. Everyone just fell in line and did what we were supposed to do to give Caylx the best opportunity to survive, " said Wudtke. "On our way to the hospital, we ended up getting some heart rhythm which is a good sign. He started to take some deep breathes but not breaths that were sustainable for life yet, but we still continued to assist him with ventilation an stuff."

    Wudtke said the moments after the incident was also emotional as they waited for Caylx to get better.

    "Again it definitely puts a lump in my throat and you can't help but put your own children in that situation and that I think is what drives us. We want to put these children back on the playground, back with mom and dad and in their arms where they're supposed to be," said Wudtke.

    Caylx and his family said the great job first responders did is something they will never forget and they will always be thankful.

    "I mean we thank everybody, but what they did it's never going to be enough. What they did is just irreplaceable," said Harnowski.

    First responders are also using this incident to remind people about the importance of knowing CPR, click here for a full list of classes in the area.

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     APPLETON, WI (WTAQ-WLUK) - Outagamie County officials responded to a report by an independent consultant, citing concerns about inmates receiving their medications.

    After complaints surfaced, the Outagamie County Risk Management Administrator requested that independent review.

    The report was labeled "confidential and privileged,” and was completed at the end of May.

    Several issues were brought up.

    They included: recommending the wrong medication to pregnant inmates, inmates not routinely given their medication, and others not receiving their prescriptions at all.

    Tuesday, for the first time, it was discussed at the county's public safety meeting with the physician who conducted the review there, via Skype.

    In his nine-page report, Dr. Johnny Wu pointed out a number of areas of concern in the jail's medication process, some that even put patients' lives at risk.

    The board-certified physician surveyed a sampling of inmates on medications, booked into the jail last year for the independent review.

    The review sampled 85 out of 599 inmates.

    Outagamie County Public Safety Committee Chairman Dan Grady tells FOX 11 the report is an eye-opener.

    “I was dumbfounded. I can’t believe that we’re treating our citizens this way. Dr. Wu showed a number of flaws in the system, and a number of ways that things can be fixed, and we have to fix them for everybody’s good.”

    Members of the public, many of whom had family members incarcerated or had been locked-up themselves at the jail, spoke about the issues they encountered.

    An Appleton resident whose son had been incarcerated at the jail spoke about the dangers of not the administrating or delaying medication to inmates.

    “Later in the afternoon and in the evening, he still didn’t have his meds. We again called the jail and stressed that if he didn’t receive his meds he would become suicidal. The following day, our son attempted to make a noose and kill himself in the jail.”

    Another speaker from the public, the mother of a former inmate and now advocate, Lisa Hanneman also spoke about the experiences she went through while her son was in the county jail.

    “There were 30 pages of proof just like, you know, this proves that he didn’t get his anti-seizure pills for five days or his chemo pill was given to him the same time as his anti-nausea pill, so when you have to wait 40 minutes to catch up, you’re already violently ill.”

    Correct Care Solutions is the contracted healthcare provider for the county jail.

    In just the given three-month sample period of jail bookings, Dr. Wu found several cases where it appeared CCS nurses were not educated on current up-to-date guidelines.

    CCS officials who were present Tuesday disagreed.

    “Documentation and some of the other tweaks, again, and with refusals…those are some logistical things that we need to probably work with the sheriff’s department to correct,” said CCS local detention senior vice president Stan Wofford.

    “But, again, I feel the patients in this county are getting great care.”

    CCS officials offered explanations for some of the supposed concerns raised in Dr. Wu's report.

    As for recommending incorrect medication to pregnant inmates, CCS medical director and sponsor Dr. Adeyemi Fatoki said there is no medical literature indicating the medication suggested was harmful or inappropriate.

    When it came to the length of time it takes for patients to get their meds, Fatoki said that is due, oftentimes, to the investigation necessary to ensure the patient is given the appropriate medication.

    Grady said one of the things he was most shocked to learn from the report was the way inmates who are addicts are helped or treated, or the lack thereof.

    "I find it troubling that they don't have a detox program in place already. The opioid crisis has been going on for, you know, a decade or more, before that, it was methamphetamines. I mean, detox is nothing new."

    Fatoki said plans to establish a detoxing program are in the works but, for Outagamie County, he said it is up to the sheriff's department.

    As for how the county plans on resolving these ongoing issues? Grady said this matter will be left on the agenda and Sheriff Brad Ghering will have the opportunity to address the concerns at the next meeting.

    He also said it's not fair to hand the new upcoming sheriff this matter, so they need a solution soon.

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    MARINETTE, WI (WTAQ-WLUK) - A newly remodeled and expanded campus is showing off its transformation to the public.

    The Northeast Wisconsin Technical College campus in Marinette held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday.

    Since May 2016, the campus was a construction zone, adding around 14,500 square feet and remodeling the existing 67,000 square feet.

    Christine Polzin, Marinette campus manager, tells FOX 11 the expansion added state-of-the-art classrooms, study spaces, and a new entrance.

    "What we really wanted to do with this new space is create an inviting learning environment and also create spaces for our students to be able to collaborate with other students. We wanted to make sure students could find all of their resources in a small space so that it's easy to navigate the educational process."

    The project is part of a 2015 referendum that approved $66.5 million to improve three NWTC campuses.

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    BROWN COUNTY, WI (WTAQ-WLUK) - In an effort to keep our roads free of drunken drivers, Brown County is examining where those drivers are getting their last drink.

    Tuesday, officials heading up the project took a look at the most recent results.

    "That's really what it's all about. We can make an impact and get less drunk drivers on the road," said Capt. Dan Sandberg of the Brown County Sheriff's Office.

    It's a part of a study, called 'Place of Last Drink', involving eight different law enforcement agencies.

    It began earlier this year.

    Sandberg tells FOX 11 the Brown County Traffic Safety Commission took a look at the second round of results.

    "This is something that is definitely not going away. We're going to revisit the numbers every three months, every quarter."

    The "Place of Last Drink" results showed:

    From April through June there were 237 OWI arrests in Brown County. That's up slightly from the 227 recorded from January through March. A total of five bars were mentioned by drunk drivers.

    Two in Green Bay

    One In Ashwaubenon

    One in De Pere

    One in Suamico

    That's a decline from the 8 bars mentioned last quarter.

    From those, Sandberg tells FOX 11 only one bar has made the list twice. XS Nightclub in Green Bay.

    "Almost 400 establishments, only one place is kind of popping up on the radar. And working with the Brown County Tavern League, they're going to work with that nightclub and see if we can make some changes."

    The commission is working in partnership with the Brown County Tavern League.

    Tavern League President, Don Mjelde, says the goal is to cut down on over-serving.

    "Letting people be aware who have had a significant amount. That there are different trainings that you can do to be able to have a more responsible serving."

    While the second quarter numbers have been promising, Sandberg says they're waiting for at least a year to fully gauge the results.

    "Be interesting to have a full year's worth of data to kind of see," he said. "And find areas where we can do the most improvement."

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    LEDGEVIEW, WI (WTAQ-WLUK) - Ledgeview residents voted Tuesday afternoon to have the town purchase Ledgeview Golf Course for $3.4 million.

    In Wisconsin, if a town wants to purchase property, the law requires residents to gather for a vote.

    Ledgeview Golf Course includes a main 18-hole course and a 9-hole executive course across Dickinson Road.

    Starting next spring, Ledgeview resident Greg Runnoe plans to build 62 condos on the executive course land.

    In an effort to preserve the main course, Runnoe tells FOX 11 it's been offered to the town.

    “We could have decided to develop the whole thing, but we didn't want to. My wife and I have been in Ledgeview for the last 22 years. We just felt it was the right thing to do.”

    At first, many residents who turned out wanted to wait to vote. Some complained about the 4 o'clock meeting time.

    “I don't think there was enough information about what exactly what they're going to do with the golf course,” said Debb Orr-Grewe of Ledgeview.

    After finding out a delay would risk the town's opportunity to control the land, a majority of residents agreed to proceed with a vote.

    The overwhelming majority was in support.

    “That is a beautiful piece of property,” said Jim Enright of Ledgeview.

    “It's been around a long time. It's going to do nothing but increase in value.”

    With the town taking control, the belief is the golf course will remain in place.

    Down the road, if the town decided to start parceling off the land for homes, another meeting of the electors would need to be held.

    “Really the slate is wide open at this point,” said Cullen Peltier, a member of Ledgeview’s Town Board.

    “Now we have a wide-open canvas and we can decide as a town what we feel is in the best interest of the town to do.”

    The vote requires the town use tax incremental financing to pay for the golf course.

    That means the tax revenue generated from new development in the area, including those condos across the street, will pay for the land.

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    GREEN BAY, WI (WTAQ) - Dive teams are in the Fox River in Green Bay where a vehicle has gone into the water.   

    Divers are at the Metro Boat Launch on the east bank of the river, right at the mouth of the river.   

    No other details available at the moment. 

    We'll keep you posted with on-air and online updates to this story. 

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  • 07/11/18--09:12: Charges Filed In Drug Death
  • GREEN BAY, WI (WTAQ-WLUK) - Charges have been filed against the man who allegedly provided the drugs eventually sold by a legislator’s daughter to a pregnant woman who died of an overdose.

    38-year-old Dontreace Saulsberry is charged with first-degree reckless homicide, first-degree reckless homicide of an unborn child, and heroin delivery in connection with the death of Jennifer Skeen.

    No court date has been scheduled.

    Saulsberry provided the heroin to Shawn Gray and Cassie Nygren, who then sold the drugs to Skeen.

    Skeen died of a heroin/fentanyl overdose, according to the criminal complaint.

    Nygren is the daughter of State Rep. John Nygren, who has publicly discussed his daughter’s drug troubles and used them as part of his lobbying efforts for various drug addiction legislation.

    Cassie Nygren faces ten charges, including reckless homicide.

    She returns to court Friday for a status conference. No trial date has been set.

    The judge has not ruled yet on a defense motion for a change of venue from Brown County.

    Gray faces the same charges as Nygren. He returns to court Aug. 10 for a status conference. No trial date has been set for his case, either.

    Saulsberry is currently in state prison on an armed robbery conviction from Milwaukee County.

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  • 07/11/18--15:25: New School, New Concept
  • GREEN BAY, WI (WTAQ) - A new school in Green Bay offers a different approach to the education road.

    The Northeast Wisconsin School of Innovation is coming to Green Bay next fall.

    A $900,000 dollar grant for the planning was issued by the DPI.

    The administration says the new school will provide a community-minded student-centered learning environment.

    "In our school, we spend 30 minutes every day working on relationships through a transition plan."

    Jason Johnson will be the administrator and is heading up the planning.

    He says each students road will be different information and different time frames, but the end result is getting them ready for their individual future.

    "We are going to make sure you are where you need to be before we say goodbye to you," he said. "In a traditional school, time is the constant and learning is the variable. You are expected to come in and learn what you need to know by a certain time. At NEW Innovation, time is the variable."

    As far as the students who will be attending will be able to fill any holes that they may be dealing with when it comes to education.

    "These are not students who are problematic, these are students who are dealing with barriers or they just have had so much transition in life that they are creating educational gaps."

    NEW School of Innovation will continue to partner with Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and UW-Green Bay.



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  • 07/11/18--18:16: Double Honor For Aguilar
  • MILWAUKEE, WI (WTAQ) - Brewers fans got more than what they wished for after fighting to get Jesus Aguilar to the All-Star game. 

    The Brewer was also selected to compete in the Home Run Derby. 

    Aguilar drew 20.2 million votes en route to securing his first Midsummer Classic selection. His vote total marked the second-highest total ever in a Final Vote.

    The players and uniformed staff adopted the “We Believe in Jesús” tagline last month, and the organization carried it forward with the voting campaign.


    Aguilar joins Geoff Jenkins and Corey Hart as Brewers to claim the last All-Star spot on the roster. 

    Aguilar wasn't named to the original all-star roster, even though he tied for the NL lead in home runs with 23 and leading the league with a .631 slugging percentage and 1.000 OPS.

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    GREEN BAY, WI (WTAQ) - Green Bay restaurants are turning up the heat for a delicious week.

    The 6th annual Green Bay Restaurant Week starts Thursday.  

    Brenda Krainik of the Greater Green Bay Visitors and Convention Bureau says the menus of over 45 participating restaurants attract a wide range of people.  

    "People come from all over. We have lots of people coming up from Chicago and Milwaukee."  

    The tickets do go fast as the price fits all families.  

    Lunches are either $11 or $22 dollars. Dinners are either $11 or $33 dollars.  

    "We sell 50,000 meals,"  

    Krainik says it is best to prepare ahead and make reservations.  

    " has all the menus, and that is where you start shopping."  

    Restaurant Week runs through July 19th.  


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    FOX CROSSING, WI (WTAQ-WLUK) - It took four decades, but a major highway interchange in the Fox Valley is now up and running.

    The ramps from northbound Interstate 41 to westbound Hwy.10 and eastbound Hwy.10 to northbound I-41 opened on Saturday.

    Governor Scott Walker helped launch the ceremonial completion of the project.

    This project had been a long time coming and is a huge regional milestone; one that officials say will improve safety and make traveling through the area much more convenient for drivers.

    "People heading east have not had the ability to go north on 41; people going north on 41 have not had that ability to go west on 10. As of Saturday, we have that ability," Fox Crossing Town Chairman Dale Youngquist said.

    Now, those traveling from the Waupaca area will no longer have to exit Hwy. 10 and take city streets to get to the Fox River Mall, as had been the case for decades.

    The opening of these ramps is a part of the 441 Tri-County Project.

    It'll be completed a year earlier than projected and with money to spare... in the neighborhood of $10 million.

    Governor Scott Walker tells Fox 11....

    "A big ‘Thank You’ to the staff from the Department of Transportation, and all the contractors and others who were a part of this, because they did it ahead of the schedule we'd had, and they did it under budget, so we can now apply that money to other bridge and road projects all across the region."

    On Monday, Outagamie County officials approved the draft of a resolution for 41 that would expand the stretch of highway between Appleton and Green Bay from four lanes to six.

    Although county officials are expressing concern that projects like Foxconn are skipping to the front of the line, Walker disagreed.

    "We're actually able to free up money to do more, so the attacks we get are completely misleading, if not outright lies that people say about that. Actually, by federal dollars going in I-94, that freed up more dollars for other projects."

    The new construction is just the first phase of the Tri-County Project, which is expected to be completed in 2019.

    The entire project includes expanding Hwy.10-441, straightening some curves, and rebuilding a number of interchanges.

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    OSHKOSH, WI (WTAQ-WLUK) - Fox Crossing municipal judge Len Kachinsky was charged Wednesday with felony stalking.

    He also was charged with two misdemeanor counts of violating a restraining order.

    Kachinsky's court clerk has alleged he harassed her and retaliated against her. A judge recently re-issued a restraining order against him.

    Police and village staff reviewed emails, a voicemail, meeting notes and other records.

    "After reviewing these materials, it appeared that Kachinsky had been engaging in conduct that harassed and caused a great deal of distress to his court clerk from April 2017 until the present," the complaint states.

    Despite multiple admonishments from village officials that Kachinsky restricts his interactions with the clerk to professional items, the contact continued to be personal in nature, the complaint says.

    An initial appearance is scheduled is for Aug. 6th.

    Kachinsky did not immediately respond to FOX 11's request for comment.

    The Wisconsin Supreme Court suspended him last week.

    Kachinsky gained national notoriety in 2015 with the release of the Netflix series "Making a Murderer."

    The series detailed Kachinsky's handling of the case of Brendan Dassey, who, along with his uncle Steven Avery, was convicted of the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach.

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    GREEN BAY, WI (WTAQ-WLUK) - The state’s economic development agency will write off a $1.1 million loan to a failed De Pere business.

    The Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. loaned Green Box the money in 2011 for its recycling business.

    Since then, Green Box owner Ron Van Den Heuvel has been convicted in federal court on fraud charges and has other charges still pending.

    After a court ruling that it was unlikely company assets would be found, WEDC took action.

    “Because there is little likelihood of collection on this debt, WEDC has decided to charge off the entire balance of $1.1 million. The loan has been fully reserved on WEDC’s books since April 2016,” said WEDC communications director Mark Maley.

    “The write-off does not prevent WEDC from collecting on assets discovered, which is why WEDC continues to pursue Van Den Heuvel’s guaranty.”

    The decision resulted in criticism from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin – and criticism of the Foxconn deal at the same time.

    “If your agency can’t enforce a $1 million loan, why should Wisconsin taxpayers trust you with a $4.5 billion giveaway to a foreign corporation with a bad track record?” asked Martha Laning, chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

    WEDC noted since this loan was approved nearly seven years ago.

    “Since then, WEDC has made numerous changes to strengthen our award approval process and compliance procedures,” Maley said.

    Van Den Heuvel was convicted of conspiracy to commit bank fraud for helping to arrange loans to straw borrowers to fund the business. He was sentenced to three years in federal prison.

    In the still-pending case, prosecutors allege Van Den Heuvel raised more than $9 million from investors, including WEDC, for Green Box, but used some of the money on personal items, including a car and Packers tickets.

    If convicted of all 14 counts, he faces up 240 years in prison and more than $2.5 million in fines.

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    GREEN BAY, WI (WTAQ) - Since June 19th, the Green Bay Police Department has received 36 theft from auto complaints on the west side of the city.

    Of the 36 complaints, 10 of these thefts have been solved as investigators have arrested two juveniles that were responsible for the incidents in the 100 BLK of Shea Ave, 1000 BLK of Gallagher St, 800 BLK of Garden Ct, 800 BLK of Lincoln St, and Division St.

    There is also a pattern of thefts occurring in the neighborhood around Beaumont Park, 1600 Sue Ln.

    All these thefts occur in the hours of darkness. This neighborhood will have an increased police presence in an effort to locate the suspects’ responsible for these thefts.

    Green Bay Police have distributed the attached flyer to the residents in this neighborhood to keep them informed and to help be on the lookout for potential suspects.

    Police are encouraging you to follow the below crime prevention tips to protect yourself from being a victim:

    1. Lock your vehicle and remove all valuables.

    2. Illuminate the area where your car is parked as light deters suspects from approaching.

    3. Please keep a watchful eye and report suspicious people or vehicles.

    4. We encourage parents to constantly know where their children are and to have conversations with their children to remind them that city curfew is 10:30 PM.

    5. Please get to know your neighbors. Neighbors who know each other will work with each other and together we will keep our community safe.

    If anyone has more information pertaining to these thefts from autos, you're encouraged to contact the Green Bay Police Department at (920) 448-3208.

    You can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward by contacting Green Bay Area Crime Stoppers by phone at (920) 432-7867, through their website at, or by downloading the P3 app through Google Play or App store.

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    GREEN BAY, WI (WTAQ) - The Port of Green Bay had a special visit this week.

    A ship carrying cargo from Brazil, the MV Arubaborg, was docked at the Port, and the cargo it was carrying has not been brought to the area in almost a decade.  

    "The ship brought in wood pulp to provide it for the paper industry in Northeast Wisconsin."  

    Dean Haen, Director of the Port of Green Bay says while it has been awhile, the large Dutch ship is expected to make a regular visit now.  

    "It has been a number of years since we have had forest products move through the port. The economy is doing well, and we are looking for more vessels of forest products."  

    Haen says that will happen if things keep going well in the industry.  

    "We are a papermaking region, so these forest products do come in by either water, train or truck."   Haen says the success of the economy plays a big role.  

    The Arubaborg is 469-feet long.

    It arrived Tuesday and left the port on Thursday.        

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    MENASHA, WI (WTAQ) - Police say an explosion in a Menasha neighborhood last month was caused by a quarter stick of dynamite. 

    Officers say the stick was used to blow up a motorcycle in front of a residence on 5th Street.

    The bomb squad did not find any wires or timing devices in the debris at the scene, so investigators' best guess is the dynamite was lit using a fuse.

    Police say the incident was not random.

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    SUN PRAIRIE, WI (WTAQ-WLUK) - In the aftermath of a natural gas explosion that killed a Sun Prairie volunteer firefighter, those who wanted to go back into their homes to grab items were asked to meet on Angell and Church Street.

    Thursday, some of the dozens of displaced residents are returning home.  But not all residents were guaranteed back inside their place.

    Luara Shively felt the explosion that rocked downtown Sun Prairie, shortly after being evacuated from her workplace.

    "A couple of my coworkers got hit by some shrapnel and stuff," Shively described. "The building is still structurally unsound, so they won't let anyone in there."

    Shively came back to the scene Thursday, in hopes of getting some valuables from the building, but found out she couldn't.

    She said she needs materials for a class she’s taking at a local technical college.

    "Frustrating. I just want my backpack. I know it sounds stupid, but I want to pass this class," Shively said.

    Shively also left her car behind her workplace.

    "My car’s going to be hauling my camper across the country and I don’t even have access to my car."

    As for residents that could go back to grab items, they were given only 5 to 10 minutes.

    "I don't even have an ID with me, I don't have anything, my cell phone, they said leave right now, so I have nothing since that happened," explained Sharon Bollig.

    Bollig lives 400 feet from where the explosion occurred. Bollig said she had one main concern.

    "Hoping to get in the house and get our pets out, they've been in there ever since, and hopefully they're okay," said Bollig.

    Although it's unclear when some residents will be able to return home, the Sun Prairie Police Department says people living on Vine Street and North Street are allowed to go back home.

    Utility crews have marked some residents’ doors to let them know they need the approval to enter.

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  • 07/12/18--19:10: Time For Blueberries
  • NAVARINO, WI (WTAQ-WLUK) - After a slow start, Blueberry season is underway.

    At Porters Patch in Navarino the picking has gone from red strawberries to blueberries.

    "Everyone has a distinct taste, what they like, but when it's their favorite fruit, that's what they want. And obviously they're gobbling that up," said Troy Porter, Porter's Patch Owner.

    Porter says the blueberries usually start to ripen in mid-July.

    "We ended the strawberry season, we ended July 6th, so probably four days prior to that we were starting to see some, where you could go through, and what we call grazing, to find some to eat. And then every day you just see more and more ripening," he said.

    The season got off to a slow start. Back in April, the blizzard dumped 33 inches of snow on the 75-acre farm. 

    "It was an extremely cold winter, so we had some die-off issues, and then the heat came. Memorial Day we had extreme heat. I think one day we had, it was 97 here. And then, it stayed warm, and so that accelerates everything," said Porter.

    Porter says picking may last another couple weeks. 


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    GREEN BAY, WI (WTAQ-WLUK) - Everyone made it out safe from an apartment fire on Green Bay’s west side Thursday afternoon and no firefighters were injured, despite tough conditions.

    The Red Cross is assisting the residents who lived in the 24-unit building at the Hamilton Gate Apartments on Green Bay's west side. The complex includes four buildings.

    The Fire Marshal's office is working to determine how and where exactly the fire started.

    Oscar Rodriguez tells FOX 11 he couldn't help but think the worst when he couldn't pull into the apartment complex, being told there was a fire.

    “It catches you off guard. You don't wake up thinking of these things. It happens just so random.”

    Thankfully for Rodriguez, the fire wasn't in his building. Some of his neighbors weren't as lucky.

    “It's a lot of people in there and a lot of my neighbors are just, everything is gone,” said Rodriguez. “They were just telling me they lost everything.”

    Green Bay Metro Fire Lt. Shauna Wachholz tells FOX 11 they didn't have a count of how many people were in the building when the fire broke out, but about two hours after they first responded, they were able to confirm everyone was able to make it out safely.

    “Most people were at work or actually traveling, so we say it actually worked out in our favor that people were gone and it wasn't at 3 a.m. with people sleeping.”

    She says the only downfall of the timing was the fire started at the hottest point of the day.

    “Right now our firefighters are getting beat down by the heat, so we have a rehab area for them.”

    “It was shocking,” said Toni Grahek, a Green Bay resident who was eating at a nearby restaurant when the fire started.

    “It was hot and when they started to put the water out towards there it was a lot of smoke. It was hard to breathe a couple times.”

    The estimated cost of damages is $500,000.

    While eight units appear to be a total loss, fire officials are still trying to determine whether anything from the other 16 units will be able to be salvaged.

    According to the fire department, besides all human residents, all pets in the building were also safely removed from the building.

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    OSHKOSH, WI (WTAQ-WLUK) - Hundreds of volunteers helped make a difference in the lives of those in need Thursday.

    Oshkosh Corporation hosted its second "Feed the Body, Feed the Soul" packing event at the Menominee Nation Arena.

    Over the course of the day, volunteers packed up 180,000 pounds of food for those in need in Northeast Wisconsin.

    So they could whistle while they work, local artists performed music for the volunteers.

    Wilson Jones, the president of Oshkosh Corporation, tells FOX 11 the event is not about donating money but donating time.

    "Unfortunately in our area, the poverty levels are too high and that’s unacceptable to those here working, so they’re stepping up and doing these types of events to support those in need."

    The company says food packed will provide enough food for one year.

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